All Wheel Drive versus 4 Wheel Drive

I thought this was a great article on the difference between all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. I have two 4 wheel drive cars; a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and a Land Rover LR4. Both are awesome in the mud, snow, and off-road. If you do any serious off-road driving, you know the difference. For those of you with all wheel drive, check out the article. It explains the difference, and lets you know that sometimes, it really makes a huge difference. Here goes:



Why do Subarus work better than Jeeps in some conditions and vice versa? The answer is in the way they power their wheels. Even if all four are driven, the way power gets to them—and what that does for your driving—differs hugely. Other times, it may not differ at all. Confused? Let’s explain how this all works. 

It Starts With a Differential

When you take a turn in your car, truck, or AWD wagon-cum-SUV, the outside wheels travel farther than the inside wheels, so, they need to spin faster. To allow this speed differential, there’s a device called a....... read more here