Bontrager Ion 800R Headlight Review

With all of the distracted driving going on lately, I decided to upgrade the front and rear lights on my commuter bike. I have heard good things about Bontrager's Ion 800 R headlight, and how well they can be seen, so I decided to pick up a Ion 800 R. I went to the local Trek store and bought one for $79.95. While I was there, I also purchased a Flare R taillight, which is covered in another review.

Some of you may ask what the difference between the Ion 800 R and the Ion 800 RT? The Ion RT has a built in ANT+ transceiver that allows it to be controlled remotely with one of Trek's handelbar mounted remote controls. You can also control it with your Garmin 800 series bike computer. The Ion RT retails for $119.95. Here is the image of the Trek remote control that controls the Ion RT, for those of you interested:


Here are the features and specs of the Ion 800 R:

Here are the visible distances, and the products that Trek recommends, to cover those distances and roads:

Here is my main commuter bike, with both the Bontrager Flare R taillight and Bontrager Ion 800 R headlight installed.  Yes, this bike is an electric bike. It is a Trek 2010 Mendota modified with an E-Bikekit 500 watt rear wheel motor, a 48 volt battery, and fenders. I will cover the details of the bike in another post.

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