GrowlerWerks uKeg Growler Review

I finally got a chance to use my GrowlerWerks uKeg growler this weekend. I headed to our local watering spot to watch some of March Madness, have lunch and a few beers, and fill up the growler. 

I filled the uKeg growler with my favorite beer - Rhinegeist Truth. Truth is Rhinegeist's year round IPA. Rhinegeist described it as, "Brewed with a nod to the Pacific, hops sizzle with tropical fruit aroma, grapefruit and mango notes and a dry finish."

Pretty tasty, this one. After the uKeg growler was filled, I set the pressure to 9 psi, and put the growler in the 'fridge.

I was wondering how long it would stay pressurized. I put it in on Sunday, and by the following Saturday, the pressure actually went up a few PSI to 12. Saturday afternoon, we drank all of the beer. Not surprisingly, it was delicious. 


When researching the uKeg growler, the hardest decision was deciding whether to get the 64 oz or the 128 oz. If I am buying one for only me, the 64 oz is the right size, serving up 4 tasty pints. With friends and family over, for me the 128 oz is the better one to have. I finally settled on the 64 oz.

Overall, this thing is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to keep their favorite beer on tap at home. I have had no issues so far. The beer remains pressurized, it pours well, and tastes as good as it does at your favorite pub. 

If you want to see how it works, here is a GrowlerWerks video that shows the operation of the Growler.

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